Vielen dank Deutschlaaaand!!!

The baboons are back in Sweden again. We will do some shows here but see you again in May/June! A big thank you goes out to all of you who showed up and made this tour our very best so far! Special thanks to Pascow and their crew, Humberto at KKT and Stefan Steffe Sjur! We love you! Here are three songs from the gig at Treibsand in Lübeck. Enjoy just as much as we did!

And here are some photos from the tour.

IMG_5402Baboon_0044aIMG_5335IMG_5679Baboon_0042aBaboon_0127a   IMG_5950 IMG_5956 IMG_6149 Pascow_0053a _x_2014_04_11_x_21_35_08 _x_2014_04_11_x_21_55_37_x_2014_04_11_x_21_35_20  _x_2014_04_11_x_21_55_49 _x_2014_04_11_x_22_20_11

And here you find reviews about the last six shows. Thanks to Fö!