THE EARLY YEARS 2005-2009 is back on vinyl!

Finally this since long sold out vinyl compilation with songs from The Baboon Show’s early years is back! The record comes with booklet, download code, inside out cover and colored vinyl.


1. Boredom Boredom Go Away!
2. Faster Faster Harder Harder
3. Under Your Trousers
4. Man Business
5. Heidi Heidi Ho Ho
6. The Baboon Show
7. My Arrow Of Wood
8. Don’t Need Your Laugh Again
9. I’m A Rebel
10. The Riddle
11. Ref And The Red Card
12. It’s A Sin
13. (Good At) Language
14. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
15. Betsy
16. Pig Of The Year 2006
17. Like A Unit

Get it here!


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