We start the recordings of our next album!

Friends, fans and fellas! Thank you for a fantastic year and for an amazing open air festival season! Now it’s time for us to hit the studio and start the recordings of our next album. We’re super excited!!! And hey! See you at the Love Gets Dangerous festival in Trier September 12:th! Prost!


The studio diary – Day 1:

Today we start the recordings of our 7:th studio album. This means we’re on a little live break. But soon friends, soon, we’ll be on the road again and then we’ll be coming to a city close to you. See ya’ there.

First day in the studio means setting up the instruments and find the right sound to make the magic happen. And of course we need to be in our best studio mood. This means being pissed off and angry. Hahaha. We need to find this angry, hard and raw powerful sound. To get into the right mood we brought a poster picturing our “favorite” swedish politicians…. Recognize anyone?! So whenever we feel too happy or positive we just have a glance at the poster. Arrrggggg!!!!! Can you feel it? Hey ho lets go!

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