Lisa verlässt die Band

Bassistin Lisa Bünger verlässt aus Zeitgründen The Baboon Show. Sie hat sehr viel Arbeit mit ihrem Club in Stockholm und kann sich daher nicht 100% der Band widmen. Eine Nachfolgerin ist bereits gefunden.

Hier die offizielle Meldung der Band:


Bass player Lisa Bünger has decided to leave The Baboon Show. She has a lot of work with her club in Stockholm and feels that she can’t focus 100% on the band anymore. She wants to thank everyone she has had the pleasure to meet in her years in The Baboon Show and sends you lots of love and gratefulness!

Good news is that we have already found a new bass player! Her name is Frida Ståhl and she is perfect for the job. She will play her first gig with The Baboon Show at the Solid Sound Festival in Uddevalla, Sweden on the 31st of August. We are very excited about playing together with Frida!

Thank you for everything, Lisa! We love you and wish you all the best!
Welcome Frida! Great times await!

/Cecilia, Håkan and Niclas – The Baboon Show”

Wir sagen Hallo Frida und alles  Gute Lisa!


Frida Ståhl:


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