New Video: WALK MY WAY

Hej! This is the new video for the song WALK MY WAY which was released first on the special edition of their last album RADIO REBELDE! Before watching, enjoy the words of the band:

You know the feeling you have sometimes that you just want to get away from everything and everyone, when you feel like you’re the only reasonable and actively thinking person left in this world. Those times you just have to walk your way.

Thanks for the beautiful work Stefan Steffe Sjur, Fredrik Larsson and Karl Gustav Nilsson! ❤️



BERRI TXARRAK was founded in 1994. After more then 1.000 shows all around the world and 9 studio records the band decided to announce their farewell tour . The shows together with tHE BABOON SHOW will be the last ones in germany for the basque band. 

The concerts in Hamburg and Köln are already sold out since weeks.
Ttickets for the shows in Bochum, Aschaffenburg and Berlin are selling fast.

Tickets for the upcoming concerts are available here: